hello buddy...

It's been long, let's catch up on ChatWhizz.

ChatWhizz??? What's that?

Oh! It's the new chatting system which enables text, media & screen sharing facilities.

Moreover, you can audio/video call with ease.

Great! But can we chat with our other friends together at a time?

Yes, of course, we can create a conference chat with multiple users. What's best is that you can backup the whole chat in case you need it.

This is so cool, I'm going to register myself on ChatWhizz asap.

Sure, ping me & I'll create the conference to plan something new!

Sounds great!

Chat System for Clients, Consultant & organisations
Bring your team and work together with Chatwhizz, breaking down communication gaps within the organisation.
Chatwhizz making Communication easy. Here's why:

Messaging & Group Creation

Make real-time communication with text/media sharing & create groups to send your messages to more user within a second.

Share Documents

ChatWhizz allows you to send PDF files, Word, Excel and what not as an attachment with any message you want.

Screen Sharing

ChatWhizz enables sharing the contents of your screen with another device or multiple devices at a time.

Share emojis via shortcut keys

supports emoji sharing to express your words with emotions & make the conversation interesting.

Secure Audio & Video Calling

Communicate over live audio/video calls with multiple users at one instance using ChatWhizz.

Multi Communicational Resources

Messages Conversation

Chatwhizz provides you real time flowless chatting environment, either it’s a one to one chatting or one to many/group chatting discussions.

Video Calling

Chatwhizz facilitates video calling feature with multiple participants.

Audio Calling

Communication got easy with the Chatwhizz audio calling feature enabling multiple users audio call at a time.

Compatible with all major devices, browsers & operating systems.
Operating systems
Modern Browsers
( For best performance kindly use Chorme browser )